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e are a matrimonial service with a difference. We will help you in finding the right match, not just anyone but someone who is really suitable for you. Someone who will love you for the way you are – and someone you’ll love for the way they are. Our main objective is to match people with common traits most important being compatibility.

The service is owned and managed by Amina and her husband Anis.

The Founder of the service, Amina Anis, is a multi-talented personality having a vast social network with in Pakistan and abroad. She belongs to a highly respectable and well educated family and brings a breath of fresh air in to this segment.

She is married and has three lovely children. Amina is well traveled and has lived overseas for many years. Endowed by nature with an impressive talent for vocal music, she is much in demand for recitation of Hamd and Naat in ladies events and has done similar performances on radio and TV.

Anis has a diversified career ranging from being an Accountant, Banker, Education Management professional and now finally an entrepreneur. He has an avid interest in photography, cars and is very actively involved in social work. He manages a charity which provides food, education for the needy and also arrange marriages of children of the not so privileged families. Anis has traveled extensively and exposed to various cultures and communities. He is a people’s person and enjoys making new friends.

Our aim is to provide a life partner whose personality and desires are in harmony with yours. We firmly believe in providing an efficient service and are very straight forward in our dealings. We have successfully culminated countless happy marriages due to our methodology and dedication.

Our clients are not only from Pakistan but from all over the world. We are proud to have satisfied clients from all continents of the world! We feel that this is a great achievement which we have accomplished in a short span of time.

With a global reach, real personnel support, and the power of information technology, we strive to provide you with the best service in it’s class. A service that you can trust to make the most important decision of your life!


Match Making

Blessings offer an exciting new way to find the perfect match for you. Ours is not a traditional matrimonial site where the intelligence of a computer system is used to find the match for you. We empower human matchmakers with technology. You get individual attention from a real person, not a computer program.

Wedding Planning

No matter what type of services are required invitations, live entertainment, photography, video, equipment rental, catering services, beauty salons, flowers or a locations for receptions we take pride in being able to give the best vendors and the best service.

The firm will perform any time consuming research that may need to be done, and in general, carry out all the hard work involved in the arrangement of a wedding day in accordance with your wishes. All you need to do is make the final choices for vendors and wedding suppliers, sit back, and relax. We will keep you informed of how exactly the wedding arrangements are progressing and closely monitor the budget with advice on when advance deposits and final payments are to be made.


Making that right first impression is most crucial in match making. In today’s fast paced technology based communications exchange of photographs is normally the foremost important factor. Hence it is crucial to have a photo which is worthy of exchange with the prospective life partner. In most cases we are provided with photos that do not portray the desired impact.

We will arrange a photo shoot to take some really professional looking photos so that we do not leave anything to chance. We endeavor to cover all aspects which culminate in a successful and blissful match.


We also stock exclusive hand woven fabric widely acclaimed for its superior quality and lustrous color. The innovative designs are created to effect beautiful one-off creations valued by our esteemed clients. Silk is yet another word for elegance, and silk garments are prized for their versatility, wear ability and comfort.

These suits are exclusive as no two suits are of the same design. Raw Cotton, Karandi and Chiffon add more glamour to the collection. The collection can be seen with prior appointment.

Our Process of Matchmaking

We will first request you to fill out and submit the profile form with a recent photograph of yourself or the candidate. Secondly we would like to discuss via phone/Skype with you your preferences and traits that you desire in your partner and discuss in detail the information you have submitted in the profile form. If you are based in Lahore then we would like to visit your home so that we can see your lifestyle and standard of living. This will be of immense help in finding a compatible match. We will then determine the best suitable matches for you through the list of available candidates.

We first share the male candidate profile with the female’s family and then if they like the profile take permission from her family to share her profile with the gentleman or his family. Once both parties have evaluated each other’s profile; with their respective permissions, we shall share the contact details with each other for them to get to know on a personal level via phone/email/Skype/personal visit or meeting. During this process if you need any help and require certain questions answered which you are hesitant/shy to ask the other party, then we are there to help you. During the entire process, we will make calls several times to the potential candidates for our own evaluation and to obtain the relevant feedback to facilitate the process. Please also note that we do not post/share any personal data or pictures on the web/net.

Eventually if it is determined by you that this is not an appropriate match then please inform us accordingly and share the reasons. We will take due cognizance of the reasons and will find a more compatible proposal for you in the future.

Picture Policy

We keep your pictures in trust with us. They are not published on the web or shared with anyone without your prior consent. We need 3/4 high resolution/clear pictures.

Submit your profile

At Blessings Matrimonial Services, respect of your privacy is our utmost priority, as mentioned in our match making process section, we will not share / disclose your personal information online or offline with anyone without your prior consent.

Please submit the details of person you are looking match for, with full confidence.

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Any Additional Information


Picture Policy:

We keep your pictures in trust with us. They are not published on the web or shared with any one without your prior consent. We need 3/4 high resolution/clear pictures.

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  • I live and work in Switzerland. I was introduced to my wife courtesy of Mrs. Anis. We both liked each other and after a brief courtship we decided to get married. I am so grateful firstly to Allah (SWT) and then to Mrs. Anis for we are leading a very happy life in Switzerland.

  • We are living in Africa for many generations. When the time came for my marriage we were at a total loss as to how to go about it. Fortunately we were introduced to Mrs. Anis through a mutual friend. We started to communicate with her via email. She was always very prompt in replying to our email/queries. She showed us many matches and we finally choose my ideal life partner. We came to Pakistan, met her and finally proposed to her after a few meetings.  Mrs. Anis was with us in all meetings and coordinated all the events leading to our marriage. Thanks to Allah that we are now happily married.ar.

  • My parents had been searching for a life partner for me but were unsuccessful. We had tried many marriage counselors and web sites but it was of no use. Then one of my friends recommended that we avail services of Mrs. Amina Anis (Blessings). That was the turning point in my life. Mrs. Anis was very helpful and understanding and she worked with a lot of dedication to find me a match. Rehan and I are happily married and are blessed with joy of living a beautiful life.   May Allah bless Mrs. Amina for her efforts.r.

  • Due to circumstances beyond my control my first marriage did not last very long. After my divorce I and my parents were seeking a life partner for me. But due to the stigma of divorce all our efforts were rather fruitless.  It was also difficult as my mother had passed away and we belong to interior Punjab and I work overseas. I was so tense and worried and had almost given up hope. But then I decided to contact Mrs. Anis and I think that was the most vital decision. She was able to find me a decent family and an educated life partner. Someone who was very close to my dreams. Mrs. Anis constantly helped and guided me throughout the whole process and our marriage was solemnized in December 2009.  I can recommend Mrs. Anis as she is very meticulous in her work.


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